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[:en]So iLL was born over a decade ago in SOuth ILLinois to the creative minds of the Chancellor brothers, Daniel and David. The abstract shapes that So iLL produce are quite different to anything else on the market, and with the help of 'Crypto Child' - Jason Kehl (the artistic shaping genious behind many of So iLL's shapes), no other company has had the same impact on the climbing hold scene as So iLL, with their distinctive and unique style. Flow Climbing is the exclusive distributor for So iLL in Germany.[:]
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Matt Bates
Rabenstraße 9
D-49492 Westerkappeln
+49 176 86548709
Geschäftsführer: Matt Bates
Sitz der Firma: Westerkappeln
Ust.Id.: 654654654654646546
Verantwortlicher für den Inhalt i.S.d.§ 10 MDStV: Matt Bates
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