so iLL Shoes – Breaking the Mould

Known for producing amazingly abstract climbing holds and challenging the opinion of what a hold can even look like (think lightbulbs and babies heads!), So iLL have once again broken the mould and brought to you an amazing line of truly original climbing shoes.

Inspired by vintage sports shoes and blending classic simplicity with a modern look, the resulting shoes don’t just look like anything else on the market, they actually just might be! Featuring So iLL’s patented ”dark matter” coloured-rubber sole, proving to not only be an eye-catcher, but also unbelievably sticky and offering an attractive look, the shoe line will undoubtedly be as popular as So iLL’s epic holds.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 7.58.38 AM

The new line of this funky footwear will be available from Spring 2017 and inlcude four models aimed at beginners to advanced climbers.