In 2013 Moon is where it all started...

After a chance encounter with the owner of Moon Climbing, Ben Moon, we started Flow Climbing to represent Moon in Benelux and Germany and bring this excellent British brand’s gear to mainland Europe. Moon is based in Sheffield, the UK’s so-called ‘epicentre of Rock Climbing’, where many climbers gravitate to, to train hard and enjoy the fantastic ‘Gritstone’ in the nearby Peak District. Moon is a true climbers company and has been producing fashionable, yet functional clothing and gear for climbers and boulderers for over 20 years. Flow Climbing is the exclusive sales agency for Moon in Germany and Benelux


Ocun was founded in 1994 under the brand ‘ROCK PILLARS’ in the Czech Republic, a country with a long history of traditional climbing. In the same year they presented their first climbing shoe collection at the first Outdoor fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

In the past 20 years they have developed and produced hundreds of thousands of shoes and distributed them worldwide. Continually developing and rigorously testing new solutions, new lasts, and stickier rubber.

In 1998, they began with their first climbing harnesses, bouldermats, quickdraws and other equipment, which quickly gained wide popularity among climbers due to their quality, functionality and design.

Today Ocun has around 130 devoted employees who develop and produce their products, still in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of shoemaking and textiles. Since 2015 they have been rebranded under the name Ocún.

Lattice Training

Lattice training is the world’s first systematic assessment and training tool for climbing. 

Lattice offer climbing assessments to measure a climber’s strengths and weaknesses through data-led profiling tools; climbing training plans to address those weaknesses; and a range of training tools to help get you strong!

Flow climbing is the supplier of the lattice training and testing
Rung in germany and benelux.
Please get in touch if you want to get strong!

Lock Holds

Lock designs and manufactures responsibly produced climbing equipment of the highest standard.

Located in the Peak District National Park, all of our products are designed in house & utilise both hand-crafted techniques alongside CNC technology. Our mission is to produce climbing holds and training products of the highest calibre in natural and non-toxic materials. We work with trusted suppliers to guarantee a traceable raw material. In some cases, we even source, mill and air dry lumber from local councils & tree surgeons, giving their waste a new lease of life in the form of beautifully crafted climbing holds.

The Founder has a background in Fine Art, having worked as an Art Dealer / Advisor for 10 years. Prior to that he studied Fine Art at Chelsea Collage of Art & Design, with a specialism in drawing & sculpture.


XCULT produce classic competition climbing holds and arguably the best selection of fibre glass volumes on the market.

The brand was established by Iliyan Mihaylov and Daniel Dudev. Iliyan, the creative genius behind many of the fantastic shapes is a graduated sculptor, a climber with more than 15 years of climbing
experience and has more than 10 years designing of climbing walls and holds for himself and other manufacturers.

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