What better way to enjoy a climb outdoors than in a pair of Moon Samurai pants. They’re bursting with colour, quality and casual styling, made from a lightweight fabric that’s quick drying and super tough – which means no clicks and snags whilst cruising your way up the crag!

They feature a diamond gusset, giving plenty of room ‘down there’ for awkward moves (a high leg about shoulder height, yikes!) and the stretchiness will help out there too.

A roll-down waistband isn’t just for show, if you want a bit of extra comfort whilst belaying or just want to cover your behind better, roll up the fabric and feel at ease – resisting the absolute temptation to moony fellow climbers.

Our Samurai pants are clean styled with elasticated leg hems and low profile pockets, aimed at the serious rock climber who wants minimal fuss. They also make an ideal travel companion, packing down nicely for long trips away.

An excellent option for warm weather climbing – when it’s not hot enough for shorts. Moon’s Samurai pants feel fab on, are designed for the job at hand and add a certain WOW to the mix too.